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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

REVIT LT and Project Spark Training Video Tutorials - CADclips

Daryl always has great training videos any many are free, so if you're not using Revit yet, here's your chance. 

Instead of LT, it should be called LaTe. LT stands for Limited Technology, not Lite. Limiting avoiding technology evaders. LT, Laggard's Technology?  Lame Try?  

Whatever. Upgrade your 2009 licenses before March 14th. Also, remember the DWG file type is changing again with the 2013 release of AutoCAD.  You still won't upgrade even though it will cost you double to do it later.  It's like you still have a rotary phone. 

At least watch these video clips and see what you're missing with REIT and how it's not so difficult. 

BIM -REVIT Rocks !

For those of you moving to REVIT LT (Lite) 2013 and need training or tutorials you can get everything you need at CADclips.

REVIT LT is just a watered down version of Full REVIT.
In other words, everything that the LT version does the full version does the same way. Much like AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

A few things that REVIT LT will NOT do is:
Design Options
Point Clouds
Photo Realistic Rendering
Shared Coordinates
In-Place Families
Sun Path
View Filters
REVIT LT and Full REVIT cannot read each other's files but they can both link in each others files.
There are also features in REVIT LT that are a Simplified version of the Full REVIT.


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