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Saturday, March 10, 2012

An update on Architecture 2030

Repost from IESve.com:

Source/Link: An update on Architecture 2030
With the start of a new year, we're that much closer to the year 2030. So the question arises, are we on track to meet the challenge of Architecture 2030?
Why is Architecture 2030 an important goal? In the U.S., commercial buildings are responsible for nearly half the greenhouse gas emissions. Rather than just talking about reducing this number, Architecture 2030 is committed to transforming the building industry, reducing climate change and energy consumption worldwide.
Check out this video for more on Architecture 2030, courtesy of PBS.
Last year, the organization took things a step further, launching the 2030 Challenge for Products. Celebrating one year since the challenge was launched, eco-structure checked in to see how things are going. The part of the interview follows.
Is there a set goal as to how many people you want signed on to any of the challenges?
We've never really approached our challenges in that way. Our goal is to raise awareness about the really big issues and get people talking and moving in a direction. As long as that's happening, we focus on supporting it and making it better, but not necessarily on targeting a particular number.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I think 2012 is the year to really move the needle in our industry. With the launch of ASHRAE's new image – Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment Today – and this update on Architecture 2030, sustainable design and the importance of utilizing quantifiable performance analysis to design the next generation of buildings is upon us.


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