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Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Adding a Keynote Tag the User Borrows a Sheet Workset - Revit Clinic

BIM -The Revit Clinic

You may on occasion notice a user becoming the borrower of a specific sheet workset in the project.  This user may never have opened or explicitly borrowed that particular sheet.  To confirm this navigate to Workset > Views > with the specific workset beginning with View "Sheet…


One common scenario where this will occur is as follows:

  1. There is a sheet in the project A101.
  2. Several project views have been placed on this sheet.
  3. UserA is in one of the views that appear on sheet A101.  They have not opened or edited sheet A101 directly.
  4. In this view UserA adds a keynote.
  5. Because this view appears on sheet A101, Revit needs to borrow the view workset for sheet A101 to update keynote data.  There could also be a keynote legend on this sheet for example.

The next time UserA synchronizes with central, borrowed elements would be checked for relinquishment and the user would no longer be the borrower of the sheet workset.


However during the period when UserA is the borrower of sheet workset A101 [before they sync] UserB could potentially run into this message:


Because UserA initially borrowed the sheet workset by adding a keynote in one of the views, UserB cannot add a keynote in another view which appears on the same sheet.  UserA would have to synchronize with central to relinquish \ save the keynote changes first.

UserB would also be unable to add another project view to sheet A101 during this same period; if they tried they would receive the same message since UserA is borrowing the sheet.

A user may not understand why they are listed as the sheet borrower given they never opened or modified the sheet directly.  All users in the project should understand that when they place a keynote in a view, all sheet worksets will be borrowed which that keynote appears in.

A standard synchronize with central relinquishing the borrowed elements will clear the sheets that were borrowed; then the other user can simply reload latest \ or synchronize with central as needed.


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