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Thursday, April 26, 2012

BIM - Learning to share

The wise leaders of our company decided to make today a 'Bring your child to work' day.  I'm sitting in the upstairs conference room while 6 children (ages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 2 8 year olds) are playing with Legos.  They're split into groups trying to see who can put together their Lego project fastest.

Legos, you know, the toy you all grew up with that made you want to go into architecture and construction.  Ever watch a group of kids play together?  Do they share?  Is there always a fight as to who has control, who gets the toys or who gets left out?

Is this where we learn how to share our BIM data?  Is it those who never shared their toys as a child that don't share their CAD or BIM files now?

Watching the kids fight over the Legos, gave me an inkling as to how they came up with that name in the first place.  I think it came from the kids saying "Let Go!"  That morphed into "Leggo" into the official name "Lego".  I'm sure that's not how it really happened, but anyone with kids knows of the "Let Go" phenomenon which takes normally well behaved children and turns them into angry, hoarding, screaming or tantrum throwing demons that you could swear aren't your kids.

This phenomenon doesn't happen again until you get onto a construction project or involved in design and work with other people.  So, do you share or don't you?  Are you an adult size kid who doesn't play well with others?

I will tell you that this group of kids really played well together, shared and the four kids huddled together in the photo are all playing a game on JR's iPad.  I think it must be genetic.  All of the kids in the room have parents that are involved in the BIM world.  They must know that their parents share and play well with others on BIM projects and it reflects very nicely on their children's attitudes when they're playing with other kids.

Maybe BIM is something we learn as children, or it's just something that we can all learn from our kids.


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