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Sunday, April 8, 2012

CSG BIM Solutions -BIM Cloud

Building Information Modeling is what you want. Now let’s get there!

The promised benefits of BIM can only be realized when all project team members have equal access to project models and data regardless of their physical location. The Information Technology logistics allowing designers access to models and project data
has been a patchwork of existing IT technologies and workarounds that come with serious trade-offs until now!

Introducing, CSG BIM Cloud

Whether your using a public cloud or your company is planning on hosting their own private cloud. CSG BIM Cloud is a set of rapidly deployable and scalable solutions that allows all project team members access to models and data from your server, regardless of physical location at production capable speeds!

 CSG BIMcenterCSG BIMcenter 
CSG BIMcenter®CSG BIMcloud®
private cloud hostingpublic cloud hosting


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