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Monday, April 30, 2012

Penn State released BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners - Details and Download Links

On April 26 2012, at the BIM Forum in San Antonio, the CIC Research Program released the BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners.  The Guide presents a standard approach for facility owners to more effectively plan the integration of BIM throughout the organization and the lifecycle of a facility.  This approach consists of three separate BIM Planning Procedures that, along with the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, assist an owner organization when planning their BIM implementation.  The entire set of planning procedures includes:
  • BIM Organizational Strategic Planning to assess existing organizational conditions, align BIM goals and vision, and develop a transition plan to implement BIM;
  • BIM Organizational Execution Planning to plan the detailed implementation within the operations of the organization;
  • BIM Project Procurement Planning to identify key contractual issues to consider when creating contract requirements and a standard BIM Project Execution Plan template; and
  • BIM Project Execution Planning (in BIM Project Execution Planning Guide) for project teams to maximize the value of BIM on a facility construction project.
The BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners is available for download at bim.psu.edu.

PContact Information Request

Please complete the information below to download the most recent copy of the BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners and Templates. Please note: if you have already downloaded the guide and/or templates, you only need to enter your name and email address.

Please check box, if you would like to be added to the CIC Email list to recieve periodic updates and information from the Penn State CIC Research Group. Note: if this box is not selected, you will only recieve emails with updates to the guide and requests for feedback. We will not release email addresses to any other party.

BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners

BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners
The goal of this research is to develop and broadly disseminate a guide for owners that provides a structured procedure to develop a strategy for integrating BIM throughout their organization including the following focus areas:
  1. Defining Standard BIM Processes and Practices: A procedure will be developed to help owners define the most appropriate uses for BIM within their own practices along with identifying the services that they should procure to gain benefit within the design and construction processes. 
  2. Designing Information Integration Strategies: A process will be defined to help owners design specific information exchange requirements for configuring and integrating their facility management systems with the information model. Case studies with owner organizations will illustrate this procedure and document specific methods to move information from the design and construction phases into the information systems maintained by the owner or facility manager. 
  3. Identifying BIM Contract Requirements: Issues that are important to include within the owner's contracts with service providers will be identified and categorized so that the owner can more easily develop their contract requirements. A repository of existing templates and publicly available contract documents will be identified and organized by content approach to provide guidance for owners when defining their minimum BIM needs from a project team.


Charles Pankow Foundation
The Charles Pankow Foundation
US Department of Defense Military Health System
Kaiser Permanente

US Department of Veterans Affairs
Penn State Office of Physical Plant
The Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (PACE)


Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Research Group Members: John Messner, Chimay Anumba, Robert Leicht, Ralph Kreider, Ashwin Ramesh, Eric Nulton

Advisory Board Members: Renee Tietjen, US Department of Veterans Affairs; Xiajun Lin, Kaiser Permanente; Robert Braunagel, US Department of Defense Military Health System; Ed Gannon, Penn State Office of Physical Plant; Steve Devitto, General Service Administration; Craig Dubler, Penn State Office of Physical Plant; Greg Gidez, Hensel Phelps; Kimberly Hurtado, Hurtado S.C. Counselors at Law;Steve Hutsell, US Army Corps of Engineers; Kerry Joels, TMA Systems; David Jordani, Jordani Consulting Group; Steve Kundich, Digital Realty; Kurt Maldovan, Balfour Beatty Construction; Russ Manning, US Department of Defense Military Health System; Maureen McDonough, Harvard University; Elton Murakami, Pankow Construction; Dana "Deke" Smith, National Institute of Building Science; Patrick Suermann, US Air Force; Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries; Grace Wang, Jacobs Engineering;


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