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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Season Finale: Last Project Vasari Talk is Tomorrow - It is Alive in the Lab 4/4/12


Project Vasari is our free technology preview of an expressive design tool for creating building concepts. Project Vasari includes integrated analysis for energy and carbon via cloud services as part of Autodesk 360.

The Project Vasari team has been conducting a periodic series of webinars where you can have some "face time" with the Project Vasari development team. There are demos, tutorials, and answers to your questions. In addition to being able to download the technology preview from Labs, Project Vasari features some optional add-ons that you can also download:

  • Parametric Sliders
  • Parameters from Image
  • Dynamo for Vasari

Looking at the download counts, I see that Dynamo for Vasari is the most popular add-on of the three. So it's probably no coincidence that the next session is tomorrow, WednesdayApril 4 at 11:30 AM Eastern (UTC-5), and the topic for this talk is Visual Programming in Vasari and Revit with Dynamo.


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