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Monday, April 23, 2012

Xandem Synergistic Sensing | Xandem Technology - For motion sensing, security and more

What a great new piece of technology. This would work great for motion sensors to turn lights on and off as well as its security applications, like movable video cameras to track movement.  I'm wondering if this could be used to detect objects inside of walls and ceilings for existing building laser scanning.  That would change the world of renovations and facility management.

Xandem's secret sauce is its use of radio waves, which can go through things like trees and walls. That means motion sensors using those waves can be completely hidden -- a breakthrough that's drawing notice from both scientists and security industry professionals.

Xandem Synergistic Sensing | Xandem Technology
Pronunciation: /ˈzan-dem/
As the term “tandem” refers to any group of persons or objects harnessed together for power, “Xandem” is tandem - high tech.
Xandem technology detects and locates people who are not carrying a tag or device. At the cutting edge of science, this powerful and cost-effective technology can detect people through walls, obstructions, and in other difficult environments.
The uses are endless. Xandem does not identify features on people, so privacy is maintained.

Media Highlights

"[Xandem's] network of radio transceivers measures the signal strength to reveal the locations of people or objects in the area. The system can find targets in the dark and through walls, smoke, or trees. The technology could find applications in fire rescues, hostage situations, and border security." -"Beyond X-Ray Vision", Discover Magazine
"The ability to 'see' people moving around in a building with such a cheap system has many plausible applications, and Mr. Wilson has set up a company called Xandem to commercialise the idea." - "Looking Beyond", The Economist

Click this link to read more about the system: http://xandem.com/halloween-2010


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