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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Archicad - Open BIM - Real Collaboration

So, how is Archicad better than Revit?  Open BIM.  At the end of the day, or actually, right now in the middle of the day, it's all about collaboration, sharing, interoperability and workflow.  Archicad, being more nimble and agile, and not being weighed down by AutoCAD, has created an allegiance with buildingSmart International and making their files easier to share and work with others.  Will this be the downfall of Autodesk with a much more proprietary file type?  Archicad is much further ahead on IFC and Autodesk should have been working on that a lot more.  

We'll see what happens down the road.

Nordre Jarlsberg Brygge, Norway, www.nordrejarlsbergbrygge.no, Courtesy of Rift AS Architects, www.rift-studio.com
Open BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. Open BIM is an initiative of buildingSMART and several leading software vendors using the open buildingSMART Data Model.
Open BIM Programme is a marketing campaign initiated by GRAPHISOFT®, Tekla® and other members of buildingSMART® to urge and facilitate globally coordinated promotion of the Open BIM concept throughout the AEC industry, with aligned communication and common branding available to programme participants.
Open BIM Certification is a technical certification system being developed by buildingSMART® to help AEC software vendors improve, test and certify their data connections to work seamlessly with other Open BIM solutions.
Broaden Your DESIGN Horizons
Learn How Open BIM Streamlines Workflow to Save Time & Money! Watch the recording of the live Open BIM seminar to see how Open BIM’s safe and streamlined workflow ensures seamless collaboration between architects and engineers using products like GRAPHISOFT® ArchiCAD® and BIMx, Tekla® Structures and BIMSight as well as DDS CAD®!

Why is it important?

Open BIM supports a transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the software tools they use.
Open BIM creates a common language for widely referenced processes, allowing industry and government to procure projects with transparent commercial engagement, comparable service evaluation and assured data quality.
Open BIM provides enduring project data for use throughout the asset life--cycle, avoiding multiple input of the same data and consequential errors.
Small and large (platform) software vendors can participate and compete on system independent, ‘best of breed’ solutions.
Open BIM energizes the online product supply side with more exact user demand searches and delivers the product data directly into the BIM.

To see the Open Workflow in action, and for more info, visit the Open BIM Page.


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