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Saturday, May 26, 2012


AutoCAD and Revit are like Cats and Dogs.  Your dog needs a lot of attention.  You have to feed it every day, you have to walk it several times a day, bring a baggie with you and clean up the crap it leaves on the streets.

Cats have a litter box and they don't need to be walked..Automation.  I have an automatic cat feeder so there's no hassle at meal time.  We have a cat door so the cat can go outside and collaborate with others.  I was going to write catlaborate, but I almost see the word "collar" in collaborate, so we can mention dog collars and how you're kept on a leash. 

Dogs need a lot of attention while cats require very little interaction.

So, in a dog eat dog world, and one with CATastrophes, just a little pet humor today for your long weekend.

AutoCATs are just a lot less work and easier to interact with.

Unless you think I'm barking up the wrong tree.....


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