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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Autodesk Revit Services & Support - Edit default list of profiles in Revit Extensions Frame Generator


You want to know how to edit a default list of profiles for the Frame Generator in the Revit Extensions for Revit Architecture and Structure.


There is not currently an option within the Frame Generator to modify the information in the profile database (e.g. create custom profile sizes).

The following steps show how to manually modify the XML databases used by the Frame Generator so that you can create custom profiles

Note: Modifying these XML files could lead to unexpected results when working with the Frame Generator extension. Autodesk can only support the use of the Frame Generator with the default database files.

Create copy of standard default profile database

  1. Navigate to your Windows 7 Directory calledC:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Structural\Common Data\Program Name\Data\Prof.
  2. Select the XML file that most closely matches the type of profile you want to edit.
  3. Ensure you have a backup copy of the original default profile database.
  4. In this example we will select the XML File called Auspro, make a copy and rename Custom_Auspro.

  5. Ensure the custom XML File has the suffix pro otherwise it will not display in the Section Database list of profiles available to use.

Edit profile database created by user

  1. Next you will need an XML Editor. Click here to download Microsoft's free XML Notepad 2007 Editor.
  2. Launch the XML Editor and select the file calledCustom_Auspro where the profile database information is stored.
  3. The Revit profile family used in the Frame Generator is generated and based on section data from the XML section database. Below is a highlighted example of the data for 100 PFC (Parallel Flange Channel).

  4. Edit and add the profile information to the XML database appropriate to your requirements and save. Remember Autodesk does not guarantee any editing performed by the user of the standard default profile databases in the Frame Generator. Users can add their own shapes and sizes, but this will be done at the user's own risk.

Add user profile database to regional settings

  1. Launch Revit Architecture or Structure and start a new project.
  2. Select Frame Generator from the Modelling Tool of the of the Extension tab of the ribbon.

  3. Select Section Database from the Frame Generator Dialog.

  4. Select Regional Settings from the Section Database dialog.

  5. Select the specific region and then select Profiles from the Regional Settings dialog.

  6. Select Add database to the list button.

  7. Tick the Show user-defined databases and select the Add button.

  8. Navigate to the directory calledC:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Structural\Common Data\Program Name\Data\Prof and select the custom profile databaseCustom_Auspro.

  9. Select Custom_Auspro from the Database List and select OK to apply.

Add user profile database to project

  1. Select Save current regional settings as default button.

  2. Select Yes to Do you really want save default regional settings?

  3. Select Ok to apply and add custom database to Section Database List.


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