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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to receive phone support for Advanced and Enterprise Priority Subscription Autodesk customers

For just a few dollars more ($150/year I think), you can get direct tech support from Autodesk. this is just one more of the ways that makes it impossible for the reseller channel to survive. But, if you're a small firm and don't have a reseller close by, or one that knows the software you're using, then this is a worthwhile investment. you can upgrade your regular subscription to Gold Support at any time. 


As an Advanced or Enterprise Priority Support Customer, you need to locate the numbers to call for live phone support and how to identify yourself quickly when calling phone support.

Finding phone support numbers

Autodesk offers live phone support for two types of Subscriptions:Advanced and Enterprise Priority.

Both phone support options entitle you to designate named callers, who are eligible to receive phone support directly from Subscription Center. To view the phone support numbers that are available to both Advanced or Enterprise Priority accounts:

  1. Log into Subscription Center and click on Technical Support.


  1. Scroll down to the Phone Support section and click on the link provided to view the phone numbers that are available for use as well as the products that are eligible to receive phone support.


Weekend phone support for Enterprise Priority

Enterprise Priority Support Customers are entitled to 24/7 phone support for Severity 1 issues. When calling for weekend support for a Sev 1 issue, you will need to identify yourself with your Express Service ID.


Finding your Express Service ID

To quickly identify yourself when calling for support, you can use your Express Service ID.  

    1. From the Technical Support page, click on the link provided in the Phone Support section to list the support numbers available to you.  

    2. In the window that pops up, your Express Service ID is listed at the top of the Phone Support section.


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