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Friday, May 4, 2012

Italian User Guide for Revit Architecture 2013 now available

I just received this email so I thought I'd share it with you. Although I don't mention it very often, I do love that my blog has readers all over the world. One of the great things about technology Is how easily it connects us instantly around the world so we can share information and at almost zero cost, considering what it used to take to share any kind of news or data.

It's hard to imagine anyone in Europe, especially Italy, using Revit because of the complexity and beauty of their buildings. I'd love to see samples of complex or highly detailed old world architecture recreated in Revit.

Thank you Guido for sharing and send me some samples of your artistic Italian architecture recreated in Revit.

Lastly, to mess with all of your heads, let's all think of your favorite Italian dish, with that delicious aroma, fresh pasta, delicious tomato sauce and a relaxing glass of wine. At minimum, I'm sure I'll be having a wonderful cheesy slice of pizza for lunch. Can you taste it already? I can.

Good morning Gregory, you and your readers (some of them italian speaking) may be interested to
know a brand new edition of Revit Architecture 2013 guide has just been published. Full name is "Revit Architecture 2013 - La grande guida". Publisher is Mondadori, the biggest in Italy.

Some of its main features are:
380 pages with beautiful example of italian architecture
600 images
450MB examples and exercises

Books can be found on every online bookstore or ordered directly to us by email request to 4mshop@4mgroup.it If you think this piece of news is worthwhile, and you need more information, just drop me an email (formazione@4mgroup.it).
Thank you!


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