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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revit Services & Support - Install hangs at 'Preparing Revit Content’


You are installing Revit 2013 and the installation process and screen for Preparing Revit Content appears to freeze.


Some content may still be downloaded from the internet during the install so it important to install Revit with an active internet connection. To ensure that the content download is not being blocked and causing the installation process to hang, verify that Autodesk.com is one of your Trusted Sites:

  1. Navigate to the Security tab of the Internet Options Dialog.
  2. Select Trusted Sites and click on the Site button.
  3. Enter *.autodesk.com into the Add this website to the zone: field.
  4. Select the Add button and the new website will be added to the websites list.
  5. Select close and apply changes by clicking OK.
  6. Start the install again.

If this fails try using a different network connection in the office or at home and then install. If the process still hangs, try disabling the firewall and anti-virus and then attempting the install again.


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