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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A special note to product manufacturers - No BIM - No CAD - Not going to be specified by me!

I'm helping out on a project and I am so pissed right now.  Target of my wasted 20 minutes is Stern Williams.  What the hell is wrong with you people.  If you're going to have a model SB-1700-2-BP, put all of the options on the frikkin' spec sheet.

Don't make me search all over your site to figure out what the heck 2-BP is.  Do I really need to waste my time finding the accessory page and figuring out that BP is for Back Splash?  Include that in the spec. Don't make me download two separate PDF files.  What the heck is the -2 for?  Why isn't that indicated on your spec sheet?

To the engineer who used the 5 pt size font, if only you had included a QR code or URL so I know you are using a current model.

Lastly, a stern word for Stern Williams.  Really?  A PDF is your deliverable for drawings?  Not even an AutoCAD block?  That's pathetic and you'll not be having anyone I know spec your products until you make it easier for your customers and A/Es.

DIM! Dumb Idiotic Manufacturers.  Next time, I'm making sure they spec Bradley Corp.  All of their products are in Revit and have details spec sheets.

Arrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!! Look at this crap below.  FAIL!

PS.  Elkay, if you're going to have dashes in your model numbers, make your web site searchable with the dashes in the model number.  Elkay UcksSay OoTay!

Optional Cap or Bumper Guard
For on-the -job attachment to the exposed sides.
A-20 Anodized aluminum cap.(24", 32", 36")
V-70 Extruded vinyl bumper guard (24", 36")
Quality Accessories
T-10-VB Manufactured before 3/07Manufactured after 3/07
Sink fitting with integral stops, lever handles and spring checks. Spout with bucket hook, 3/4” hose thread end. Vacuum breaker; adjustable top brace. Inlets 8” on centers. Chrome finish.

T-15-VB Manufactured before 3/07Manufactured after 3/07
Same as T-10-VB with polished Chrome finish.

T-10-VB & T-15-VB Roughing-in Measurements
T-10-VB & T-15-VB Click here for an Adobe PDF

T-35 Hose and wall hook. Hose 36" long, with 3/4" chrome couplings, Wall bracket of stainless steel.
T-40 Stainless steel mop hanger of stainless steel with #4 finish...24" long, with 3 rubber spring loaded drips
C-10 Silaprene Sealant, to close wall seams on receptors without flanges.
BP Back splash catcher panels of 20 ga. type 304 stainless steel.
Click here for an Adobe PDF

Speedi Drain ConnectorsFor use only with Stern-Williams receptors. For schedule 40 steel pipe, PVC, ABS AND C.I. pipe:
TC-2 Shower drain gasket. 2".
Mop Sink Drain Gaskets
TC-3 3" for XHCI, plastic and steel pipe.
TC-3-NH 3" for SV and NHCI pipe.
TC-3-2 3" reducer with 2" hole.
A-20 & V-70


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