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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Value Engineering vs BIM

I was just having a conversation with one of our project managers.  There's a lunch and learn going on as we speak and I asked him if he was here for the free lunch or the topic.  He said he was here for the topic as we're having an issue on a project that relates to the L&L topic.

He was saying that the owner wants to do some value engineering.  I responded back, do you know what the opposite of value engineering is?  It's called Engineering Value.  It's the same people, they just get involved earlier in the process, aka BIM and IPD.

By the time the contractor and subs get to bid a project and are over budget, they need to gut your design, products, features and systems in order to get the building built within the owner's budget.

It's painful to go through that, especially if you need to modify your plans and specs to match the changes on a project.

Why don't we just call it 'Devalue Engineering'?  They're devaluing your time, work, design and engineering and there's money to be lost.  Why isn't the building designed originally to match the owner's budget?  Can BIM do that better than CAD?  I think so, but it depends on the amount of modeling done and you certainly aren't getting paid extra to model everything in the building and put prices on every component.

We're a long way away from the perfect process, but I think we're on the right path.
What you really need to focus on is how to get the most value out of your engineering.


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