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Monday, June 18, 2012

Autodesk® BIM 360™ the next generation of BIM - New Features

Is this Vela (nope, just Glue?..actually, Vela and Glue...how many times do I need to update this post)? Guess I'll be busy tomorrow playing with new toys. Cindy, I'll let you know as soon as I find anything HAL worthy. 

BIM Inside the System

Autodesk® BIM 360TM the next generation of BIM, is for anyone, anywhere, at any time. So what it is it? Well, you may have heard us talk about Autodesk 360, a platform for accessing virtually infinite computing power, enabling building and infrastructure design and construction professionals to more
rapidly design, visualize, simulate and collaborate. BIM 360 is built on the Autodesk 360 platform. 

BIM 360 helps building and infrastructure, design, and construction professionals access intelligent model–based workflows through a broad range of cloud-based services. It puts the project at the center of the BIM process and provides access to cloud based services to help building and infrastructure design and construction teams better predict outcomes on projects, coordinate and collaborate
effectively and solve broad and complex problems.

BIM 360 includes 3 new cloud based services that are launching today: 

      1.  Clash detection, coordination and collaboration

      2.  Field management, commissioning and handover

      3.  Conceptual design and feasibility evaluation 

It also includes existing Autodesk 360 cloud based services that support BIM including:

      -   Rendering

      -  Energy Analysis

      -  Structural Analysis

BIM 360 helps multidiscipline design and construction teams improve project outcomes by moving computational-intensive tasks to the cloud, enabling more rapid visualization and simulation and optimized collaboration with access to intelligent data-rich models. 

Visit the Autodesk BIM 360 page to learn more or follow us on Facebook.


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