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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Autodesk (R) Navisworks (R) 2013 Service Pack 1 released

This service pack only updates Autodesk Navisworks 2013 products.

Refer to the Readme for detailed information about this service pack and installation instructions.

Readme (pdf - 179Kb)

Service Pack Updates

This service pack fixes the defects in the following sections:
Core Functionality

■ Multiple issues around refreshing files inside the scene.

■ An issue where saving a file can sometimes cause Navisworks to run out of memory.

Search and Selection Sets

■ Multi-selection of search sets now updates the current search in the Find Items window if the search sets are compatible, for example if they have the same selection to search, same search options.

■ A product crash on newly selecting a set after deleting a set without the focus being in the Sets window.

■ An intermittent product crash on exit after dragging shift-selected sets.

■ Right-clicking on a set whilst renaming it now displays the Cut/Copy/Paste context menu.

■ Visual feedback for drag and drop in the Sets window has been improved around dragging into empty canvas space in the window.

■ After a set has been created by drag and drop then renamed, the set now remains selected.

■ It is now possible to select part of a set's name whilst renaming it and is not misconstrued as dragging the set.

■ It is now possible to rename a set after several renames have taken place.

■ Selecting an empty folder in the Selection TreeSets tab will now also select the folder in the Sets window.

Clash Detective

■ Various application crashes that occurred when manipulating results with filters applied.

■ Merging clash tests created duplicate tests that weren't identified as duplicates.

■ Re-running a clash test with a clash selected in the Results tab and Hide Other selected in Display Settings panel caused results to be marked as resolved.

■ Application crash when opening a 2012 NWD file containing clash tests with no geometry selected.
■ In the Results tab, clash groups no longer expand erroneously when unrelated actions are performed.

■ If the value in the Tolerance field in the Select tab was edited, it would return to the previous value when the focus moved to change the selection in the Selection A or Selection B panes.

■ Application crash if AutoSave ran while the machine was locked, on screen-saver, or entering hibernation.


■ Faro files can now be loaded in the same orientation as AutoCAD based application files.

■ CADWorx 2013 display properties are now consistent with CADWorx 2012 and previous versions.


■ Application crash when trying to open an MS Project data source using characters other than '.' (Period) for decimal points.

■ Application crash when moving from the Task or Simulate tabs in to any of the other tabs, due to issues with some character sets and DPI settings.

■ In the Tasks tab, selecting Unattached / Uncontained Items from the Find Items dropdown menu was not returning results.


■ Zoom All now shows the full extent of model.

Exporter Updates

This exporter update fixes the defects in the following sections:

File Output

■ In the Revit page of the Options Editor, when Convert Construction Parts was selected, parts were exported but no parent node was created.

■ Exported models in KMZ format were not visible in Google Earth.


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