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Monday, June 25, 2012

BIM & BEAM: Area and Path Reinforcement hosting structural rebar - Revit

Have you ever seen anyone put their rebar in a Revit model? Yes, it's cool. Yes, rebar detailers should be doing this, but, we will just have to wait for someone to actually do this regularly. 

Last year, my company did get hired to do the rebar modeling for a sub bidding on a Disney BIM/IPD project. We also put studs in walls (Strucsoft MWF) Revit for a drywall subcontractor. Isn't it great when the GC mandates prefabrication, VDC, BIM and No CAD? I certainly think so. 


Autodesk Revit 2013 provides some new functionalities in 3D reinforcement. Some enhancements have been made to help users better visualize concrete reinforcement in Autodesk Revit.

Area and Path Reinforcement has been updated with new behavior that make these elements containers for hosting Structural Rebar in a similar manner as Beam Systems and Trusses host Structural Framing.

The existing behaviors of Area and Path Reinforcement have been maintained. The main difference between the old and new behavior is that right now Structural Rebar elements appear in the floor or wall. Once an Area or Path Reinforcement has been created it can be removed using the Remove tool in the ribbon. This tool will remove the underlying system that is hosting the Structural Rebar and leave the individual rebar or rebar sets in place. When the system is removed the individual bars will create standard joins to the hosting elements.



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