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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conceptual Design and Feasibility Evaluation Service/Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler 2013 Add-in

For Subscription Customers (requires login)
Release Date: 2012-06-18
Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler is a cloud-based service offered to customers with an active Subscription to Autodesk® Infrastructure Modeler software that enables users to publish, store, and manage large models in the cloud. With models in the cloud, Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler users can collaboratively work with other users who also have an active Subscription to Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler by inviting them to access, download and edit models and scenarios that the user may wish to share with them. Team members from remote offices can create and review multiple project proposals using the same data securely without sending files via email or external hard drives. Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler integrates with local email for team communication and notification. A customer is only entitled to use Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler during the term of their Subscription to Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler.

Prior to accessing the service, you will need to download the following add-in installer and set up an Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler account. Once you have downloaded the installer, send an email to aim360.setup@autodesk.com and specify the following information in your request:
  1. A name for your Autodesk 360 Infrastructure Modeler account.
  2. The email address associated with your Subscription Center account.
  3. Your Autodesk Subscription contract number.
Allow two business days for account setup. Once your account is established, you will receive email from aim360.noreply@autodesk.com. Add this address to your trusted senders list.

By accessing any download on this site, you acknowledge and agree that the use of the software you download is subject to the terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement that accompanies the download, or in the absence of a Software License Agreement, by the Software License Agreement included with the Autodesk software program to which the download relates. In addition, the use of the software you download may also be subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Autodesk Subscription program.

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