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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

free June ADN Plugin of the Month: Wall Chamfer and Fillet for Revit - It is Alive in the Lab

Here's some meat for you....Fillet BIMignon.

Source/Link: free June ADN Plugin of the Month: Wall Chamfer and Fillet for Revit - It is Alive in the Lab

It's chamfer and fillet, not filét.
The Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) Plugin of the Month program demonstrates what it takes to extend the functionality of Autodesk design applications. That's why each plugin comes with a detailed read me was well as the source code. Hopefully one of these plugins will inspire you to extend its functionality to suit your personal needs. This month's plugin is:
This month's plugin was written by Civil Engineering student, Dante Pinto, under the supervision of the Augusto Goncalves of Autodesk Developer Technical Services team. This plug-in can be used to create a chamfer or a fillet between two walls. The command allows you to select two walls and to specify distances along each wall from the intersection of two walls to create a chamfer and a radius for the fillet. The command then calculates the intersection, inserts the third wall representing a chamfer or a fillet, and adjusts the end points of the given walls.
The plugin has been tested with Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 and 2013. Although the plugin has not been tested with all Revit verticals, it should work. Once installed, a "Wall Chamfer & Fillet" panel becomes available in the "Add-ins" tab of Revit.
As a free technology preview, the plugin does have some limitations. The chamfer/fillet wall will not be created when:
  • two walls reside in different levels.
  • two walls have different wall types.
  • two walls are not based on a straight line; e.g., curved walls.
  • two walls are parallel or coincident.
  • the given fillet size is bigger than the size of the wall.
These present opportunities for you to extend the functionality. Email us atlabs.plugins@autodesk.com with feedback or requests for enhancements.
Fish stories are alive in the lab.


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