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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to update your Software Coordinator or Contract Manager

This is actually an important one for firms who have had employee turnover.  They wonder why they never got their subscription upgrades and didn't realize they needed to log in to subscription center and download the latest version.  Also, d you give each user access to the cloud tools?


As a Subscription Customer, you need to update your Software Coordinator or Contract Manager for your Subscription Account.


Update Software Coordinator

Contract Managers can designate one Software Coordinator per product or group of products directly in Subscription Center.

To update your Software Coordinators:

  1. Log into Subscription Center and click on Contract Administration from the main menu.

  1. Click Manage Software Coordinators.

    Note: Only Contract Managers will have access to this link.

  1. Select a contract (if you have multiple contracts).

  1. Select the Products Tab and check the boxes next to the product(s) for which you want to designate a Software Coordinator. Click Assign.

  1. Select a name from the list of current Software Coordinators or click Add to select someone from your list of Subscription Center end users.  When you've selected your Software Coordinator, click Assign.

You can also contact your Reseller or submit a web support case in Subscription Center if you need assistance.

Update Contract Manager

To update your Contract Manager, either the former or new Contract Manager will need to submit a web support case in Subscription Center.

Select Change Software Coordinator or Contract Mgr as your support topic and fill in the required fields.

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