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Thursday, June 28, 2012

'Response Ability'

A couple of days ago during a conversation, someone said the word
responsibility. Well, my blogging brain heard it a little
differently, so I get to write a little blog post about it.

So, let's talk about responsibility. Are you responsible? Do you
have to answer to a lot of people or manage a lot of people, projects,
processes and personalities?

We all have more and more piled on us with our personal and work lives
now, so we have to keep track of everything and everyone and respond
to their wants and needs.

So, I see responsibility as the ability to respond. Thus, we get
'response ability'. Do you get people the information they need
quickly? Do you share information? Do you put things off?

Do you have trouble tracking all of your tasks? Do you keep
everything stored in your inbox? Have you ever told someone that you
didn't respond because their email was in your spam folder or that you just didn't get it?

Your ability to respond requires planning, interaction, coordination,
collaboration and if you're in the architecture or construction
industry, of course you need the BIM process. You need to use
technology to be responsive and flexible.

PS. There is no need to respond to this blog post. Have a BIM day!


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