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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updated Dynamo for Project Vasari Now Available

BIM -It is Alive in the Lab


To misquote Van Morrison: "Oh, oh, Dynamo."

Project Vasari is our free technology preview of a design tool for creating building concepts. Project Vasari goes further, with integrated cloud-based analysis for energy and carbon, providing design insight where the most important design decisions are made. And, when it's time to move the design to production, Project Vasari design data is compatible with Revit.

// Learn more about Project Vasari on Autodesk Labs

Project Vasari has some optional add-ins. Today I received an update for one of the add-ins from the Project Vasari team. I have updated the Autodesk Labs site.


Dynamo for Vasari

Build parametric functionality on top of Project Vasari with a graphical user interface. Autodesk has significantly extended the open source effort of Ian Keough, added additional nodes, and packaged it in an installer for Revit and Project Vasari to make it easier to get up and running. We have also provided 8 new example workflows.

// download Vasari installer

// download Revit installer

// get help via the Wiki

Extending functionality is alive in the lab.


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