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Friday, July 6, 2012

New coding tool- RevitRubyShell - via The Building Coder

The Building Coder


I discussed the interactive Revit programming possibility offered by Daren Thomas' Revit Python shell a couple of times, originally for Revit 2010, then for Vasari, and for Revit 2012 and Vasari 2.1. It has been updated again since then, obviously, and is used a lot by the Vasari guys.

Now there is another interactive Revit programming environment available as well:

Håkon Clausen implemented and released an interactive Revit programming console RevitRubyShell based on the Ruby programming language.

It sports the simplest installation I have ever seen for any Revit add-in whatsoever, the absolutely ultimate one-click RevitRubyShell installer, which sets up an external application creating its own simple single-button panel:

RevitRubyShell add-in panel

Clicking the button launches the Revit Ruby shell including a snippet of sample code that can be immediately executed by pressing the blue 'Run' arrow button:

RevitRubyShell console

Well worth looking at, and might prove a huge programming productivity booster.

Many thanks to Håkon for developing and sharing this!


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