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Friday, July 13, 2012

The passing of technology

Sometimes you think you have something so great that it never needs to
be altered, improved or updated. Just look at where cellular phones
are today from the 1980s.

Poor poor RIM. Everyone around them has created amazing smart phones
and have taken over most of the market. Yes, I miss a physical
keyboard, but you get used to not having one.

The original point of this blog post is for you to have fun with your
friends. I came up with a new name for their phone. I call it
"Blackburied". Try it with your friends and see how they react. it's
fun for the whole family. I just read this week about a company that
has an iPhone case that has a keyboard built into a case swings around
from the back so you can have that physical keyboard.

Autodesk, are you listening? Sure you have Revit and other amazing
technologies, but enough with putting resources into AutoCADaver. It's
dead. You'd be so much further along if you weren't so afraid of your
CADaver loving customer base. Adding 3D, point clouds and other
technology to AutoCADaver, just confused your clients more and more.

The Blackberry phones were probably designed in AutoCAD. Anyway, just
a thought about our evolving and ever changing world of tech toys.

Oh yes, almost forgot. RIM means Research In Motion. That's ironic as
they're the only company that went backwards not forwards. Just
because you're moving, doesn't mean it's in the right direction? I
wonder who the driver was? For AutoCAD, it's a bunch of blind line
drawing laggards and too many of them each trying to go in different

Have a BIM day.


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