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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Vasari Talk 14: Rhino/Project Vasari Interoperability

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BIM -It is Alive in the Lab


It's time for another talk in our series of talks known as Project Vasari talk. This is your chance to get together with the Project Vasari team and hear directly from them. You can regisier in advance and participate live, or you can watch the videotape after the fact. This next talk is:

Session 14: Rhino/ Vasari Interoperability

Date: July 25, 2012

Time: 11:30 AM Eastern time

Content: Revit Customer Success Engineer, Joe Kendersky, will join us to discuss workflow methods between Autodesk Revit Architecture and Rhino / Grasshopper. The use of Rhino / Grasshopper has become a popular solution to explore building form creation for initial design studies. The talk will cover how a team can leverage the capabilities of both solutions to quickly come up with several schemes at the conceptual / schematic level.


To see the past Project Vasari talks, check out the Wiki:


Make sure to horn in on the discussion. Everyone is welcome.

Conversation is alive in the lab.


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