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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Revit tip of the day - Uppercase Text from PDFs and Word

Today, I overheard someone ask another Reviteer about uppercase text in a Revit text box.

Apparently, he had a PDF that he needed to get into Revit.  He copied the text from the PDF to Microsoft Word, highlighted everything and in the character properties, checked the uppercase box.
Then he copied the text into Revit and it was back to sentence case.  

Since Revit doesn't grab Word's formatting codes, he was going to have to retype everything.

I asked if I could sit at his desk for a moment and came up with a 30 second solution.

1.  Turn on 'show paragraph marks' in Word in your settings. If copying form a PDF, the formatting isn't perfect and paragraph marks at the end of lines affect paragraph word wrapping.
2.  Remove paragraphs at the end of lines and replace with a space to make your paragraphs continuous.
3.  Copy the block of text.
4.  Open Excel
5.  Paste your text into cell B1
6.  Go to cell A1 and type in the formula =upper(B1)
7.  Copy that formula to the bottom of your block of text (and blank lines don't matter) in Column A only.  If you have text in cells B1 through B8, copy the formula from A1 to A2 through A6.
8.  Highlight your blocks of text in Column A and copy (Ctrl+C)
9.  Go to Revit and paste in your text.  

Of course, the fact that 4 programs are involved to just get your text is a great waste of efficiency, but at least it saves you from retyping everything.
I hope that helps.


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