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Friday, July 27, 2012

Three Retirements from Autodesk Labs today - It is Alive in the Lab


It's practically a retirement party around here.

Some technology previews are retiring from Autodesk Labs today. Though these technology previews will continue to run for a few more days for existing users, I have removed the Autodesk Labs pages today because we will be moving the Autodesk Labs site to a new platform next week, and I want to freeze the site.

The technology previews that are retiring today include:

  • Project Factory.Modz() for Inventor (expires July 31)
  • Point Cloud Feature Recognition for Revit (expires August 1)
  • Project Silverstar for AutoCAD (expires August 1)

Thanks to everyone who participated in these technology previews. I have documented these for posterity on the graduates page. With your help, the Labs process is win-win. You get to help shape the future of our technologies so the end result meets your needs, and we avoid spending time and effort on technologies that are not critical to your business needs. In the future, the Reality Capture team may conduct another point-cloud-related technology preview based on the technology Autodesk acquired when we acquired Alice Labs. The Project Silverstar team may also conduct additional technology previews.

Cooperation is alive in the lab.


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