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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Autodesk Services & Support - UNSUPPORTED, License server system does not support this feature

How about an Autodesk plugin that tracks every time one of their programs crash and theybhave to give you a credit against your subscription renewals.  Then, when your program keeps crashing, they'd have to compensate you for lost time, rework and IT costs. 

Then we could look forward to technical bulletins like this. 


A series of UNSUPPORTED messages is logged in your network license debug log file. However, you do not have any problems using the product. You would like to know what those messsages mean.


Messages simliar to below are logged in the network license debug log file every minute:

11:36:33 (adskflex) UNSUPPORTED: "57600ACD_2009_0F" (0D1B EB53 6325 5C0C )user@computer  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327:10054 ""))

11:37:33 (adskflex) UNSUPPORTED: "57600ACD_2009_0F" (0D1B EB53 6325 5C0C )user@computer  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327:10054 ""))

You can work on your product without having any issues.

This can happen if a server is restarted with a new license file while a client is using a license aquired from the server when it was using an old license file. Since encrypted codes in a license file is different, the log is created in the debug log file.

An example is as below:

  1. Network license server SERVER1 uses a license fileold_license.lic.
  2. A client COM1 aquires a license from SERVER1.
  3. SERVER1 updates the license file and now uses a new license file new_license.lic.
  4. UNSUPPORTED message appears every minute in a debug log file. This is due to:
    • COM1's license is from the old license file. Its encrypted code information defers from the new license file's.
    • Network heartbeat is performed every minute between a client and a server.
  5. However, COM1 can use the product without issues.

The resolutions are:

  • A user can simply ignore the messages. Or,
  • A user can reboot his/her machine so that it aquires a new license information from the server.


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