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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chameleon - Revit Plugin for Curtain Grid Management



Chameleon is a plugin for both Grasshopper and Revit with a focus on interoperability, simulation, and efficient practice workflows. Chameleon’s main advantage is its ability to facilitate easy transfer of geometric data between Grasshopper and Autodesk Revit, but also includes other valuable tools to make life easier, both in Grasshopper and Revit.
This latest version includes upgraded the functionality of the Curtain Grid management tools for Revit users. These tools now allow control of curtain panels in addition to the grids and mullions. There is also a preview to show the results of changes before accepting.
VERSION – Released 06/24/2012
  1. Curtain Grid Manager now controls curtain panels, in addition to curtain grids.
  2. Preview visualization for the Curtain Grid Manager allows you to see the a preview of the grid system before accepting the changes.
  3. Curtain Grid Manager now has a different graphic representation for horizontal vs. vertical systems
Feedback & Discussion
Chameleon forum has been added to Revitcity.com and a Chameleon Group has been created at Grasshopper3d.com for discussion about Chameleon. Please use these forums to post examples of what you’re doing and provide feedback for me as I work out the bugs and add additional functionality.
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Chameleon is currently compatible with Revit Architecture 2012, 2013 and Grasshopper 0.8.0066
Creative Commons License
Chameleon by Hiroshi Jacobs is provided free of charge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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