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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autodesk announces BIM 360 Glue (Horizontal Glue) pricing and distribution

Autodesk is about to announce the release of BIM 360 Glue. While it
seemed that it would become part of the subscription package for
Building Design Suite, it's actually going to be a separate paid

1. It will be sold direct from Autodesk and not through those pesky resellers.
2. It will be a term based purchase. I don't know if that means
monthly, annual or for a specified, job based period.
3. It will be $150/seat/month. That's $1800/year or 87 cents an
hour...just pennies per RFI.

I'm glad to finally know how much its going to cost. It has been very
frustrating trying to get any information about this, especially after
Autodesk released the success stories and the reseller channel had no
answers like does this mean that subcontractors viewing the online
model have to pay to view or not.

It has been like this since every Autodesk acquisition, so it's
nothing new and nobody knew anything. Should it take 11 months to
figure out a strategy? Knowing what I know having been in the
Autodesk channel for 8 years in my last job, I can't understand how a
company that markets itself as a coordination, collaboration and
information technology company doesn't take advantage instantly of an
acquisition that was ongoing months before the final papers were
signed, and hit the ground running.

I don't know if it's arrogance, ignorance, egotistical monopoly driven
attitudes or just poor planning and implementation, but they need to
do a better job. Why am I so angry about this? It's simple. 2
months ago, I went to the Autodesk BIM 360 website and clicked on the
link to have Autodesk contact me with more information about Glue. I
never got a reply email, no response, no contact or anything. That is
just pathetic considering Glue is going to be an Autodesk direct sales
product and resellers won't even get to participate in the process.

I hope Glue will be as wonderful as it's potential in a web based
coordination product because anyone who has used Navisworks knows of
the frustration of working with an expanded team of people who aren't
all in the same office.

It is really a shame a company as old as Autodesk has these issues.
Being a general contractor, and having been a reseller during the time
that BIM for construction was born, I can tell you first hand that the
reseller sales and training channel is not capable of selling and
implementing BIM to GCs and subcontractors, except for a very few
exceptional resellers, like the creator of BIM Link, Ideate.

I'll leave you with this. The same company that is about to release a
web based coordination and collaboration tool for contractors, BIM
Glue 360, also just released Revit LT, a product that can't even do
interference checking or export to IFC.

How is it that this is the same company?

For a little timeline:
On November 30th, 2011, Autodesk announced the acquisition of
Horizontal Glue (side note: that was during Autodesk University so
figure another timed announcement this year).

A few weeks ago, on August 13th, Autodesk released a success story
about a contractor using BIM Glue and how wonderful the product is.

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Anonymous,  May 3, 2013 at 7:02 AM  

Autodesk is somewhat controversial company. I like them for many things but at the same time I kind of hate them too.

This acquisition is a right move for them but they have calculated how much they can earn if they give it as a service to users for 150$ a month or so.. They don't even think that this could be a complementing service for the autodesk 360. They could at least do ONE thing that would benefit users and not make them pay extra for it.

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