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Friday, September 7, 2012

Autodesk Fabrication 2013 at Autodesk University 2012

Do they teach you about Lie-Ability in the fabrication classes.  Learn to be an expert at fabricating lies like some of the following:

-Yes Mr. Client, we're at 100% CDs.
-Of course we've coordinated MEP and structural to the architectural plans
-We're definitely Revit experts
-I know I'm the CAD manager, but I'm sure being a BIM manager will be easy.
-We use AutoCAD Architecture and it does the same thing as Revit. 
-Revit can't create construction documents. 

Yes, using Autodesk products can make you a fabrication expert, especially for all of the BIM fakers.  Now you too can be a fabrication expert....and keep using AutoCAD. 
PS. The original post title says AU 2013, another fabrication. Thanks to Robin Capper for noticing that error. It was Autodesk's fabrication error, not mine.
A0_Inside the System
We're excited to announce that at Autodesk University 2012 we will have a track dedicated to the Autodesk Fabrication products, with classes hosted by a number of influential speakers.
This is a great opportunity for anyone out there who is considering learning more about the Fabrication
products to get an insight and learn how they work, and for existing customers to have a refresher course or listen to how other businesses are using the software to help them win more work.
This tracQk has been carefully constructed to give the audience a holistic understanding of the products. There are five classes in total that run in a logical order (although you do not need to take all five). If you want maximum benefit, take them all. The classes are targeted as introductions to the software.
AU Registration is open - so check it out, register and sign-up to the classes below.
Class One: Peter Jackson - Autodesk Technical Specialist: Go Beyond Design: Extend Design Intent from Autodesk® Revit® and AutoCAD® MEP to Autodesk® Fabrication

In this class Peter will overview how the Autodesk Fabrication products can help MEP subcontractors extend design-intent models from their engineering counterparts. Peter will give insight into Autodesk Fabrication set-up, the design line technology and then explain how to use the tools to extend design
models for fabrication detailing.
Class Two: Peter Jackson - Autodesk Technical Specialist: Go Beyond Design: Using Autodesk® Fabrication Software to Extend Design Intent (LAB)

Peter will use this class to extend from his first lecture and give the audience hands-on experience in Autodesk Fabrication set-up, design line functionality, and then extending design models to prepare for fabrication and installation. This is a Lab event where people will be put at computers and be able to follow Peter step-by-step to recreate the processes discussed.
Class Three: Dave Pikey - The Hill Group: Bringing Buildings to Market with Autodesk® Fabrication Software

Dave Pikey, BIM Integration Director of Chicago-based The Hill Group, will bring a real-world perspective for the Autodesk Fabrication products, discussing the benefit of using multiple products in the portfolio to stay competitive in the evolving construction world.

Class Four: Joe Mierzejewski - J.C. Cannistraro: Building with Intelligence: Using BIM for Lean Prefabrication

Joe Mierzejewski from J.C. Cannistraro will be on-hand to talk to you about the benefits of using model intelligence to support the prefabrication of building services systems. Joe will outline how prefabrication and lead production methods help build better buildings and maintain a competitive advantage, all through the Autodesk Fabrication products.
Class Five: Andy Robins - Autodesk Software Development Manager: Fabrication for MEP: Detailing, Costing, and Fabrication Integration

Andy Robins, software development manager for the Autodesk Fabrication products, will conclude the track by building on information already provided in the previous tracks to show how the products can be used to help achieve the required results. Andy will expand on the design line functionality explained
in Peter's classes and show how it can be used within the Fabrication software to prepare models for prefabrication and installation.

We hope you can join us for this specially designed track and experience the software from some of the
best technicans Autodesk in person. Sign-up quickly through, there is limited space in the classes and we've already had a better-than-expected response!

Autodesk MEP & Fabrication team


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