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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

buildingSMART International has published the last release candidate 4 of IFC4

The last release candidate 4 of the upcoming IFC4 standard is now available.

It can be accessed and downloaded from the official buildingSMART International
specification website, at:
This release candidate is the last preview before publishing IFC4 finally by end of this year. The work
is led by the Model Support Group of buildingSMART International http://buildingsmart-tech.org/about-us/msg.

The major highlights of this release candidate are:
  • new ifcXML4, developed according to the new simple ifcXML technology, is part of the specification
  • fully integrated with new MVD technology, using the new mvdXML technology and ifcDoc tool
  • definitions of fundamental MVD concepts now form part of the specification
  • using IFC4 will provide a much easier kick-start for later MVD developments by reusing and extending such concepts
  • all property sets and properties are registered at the buildingSMART data dictionary and link to it
  • many more fully linked examples, many documentation improvements and instantiation diagrams
  • automatically generated change logs for schema and property sets
I would like to encourage the whole buildingSMART community to participate in this last
public review cycle before IFC4 final release and to submit any issues and recommendations for
improvement using the IFC4 Review Issue database at http://buildingsmart-tech.org/jira/browse/IFR.
The review period is scheduled to end on 31. October 2012. Thereafter IFC4 final will be completed.


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