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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check out this simulated augmented reality with Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler

Awesome...extra bonus points for the iPad.  Too bad our BIM Manager got a new Android phone today. 
...and will Cindy get him an iPad soon?  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of 3-6D Chronicles. 

1B_It is Alive in the Lab

Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler software for urban planning design helps civil engineering, transportation, and urban planning professionals create, evaluate, and communicate infrastructure proposals. Infrastructure Modeler can help to drive stakeholder buy-in and inform decision making with visually rich proposals for transportation, land, water, and energy infrastructure projects. Many of you remember this as Project Galileo when it was a technology preview on Autodesk Labs.

// Learn more about Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler

VTN Consulting is a full-service engineering, planning, and surveying firm providing quality services to the public and private sectors since 1960. Their corporate offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every project undertaken by VTN Consulting is backed by their ability to create long-term relationships with their clients. Working with Autodesk, VTN Consulting is a leader in engineering technology.

// Learn more about VTN Consulting

Here is a story about some work they are doing with Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler for the city of Las Vegas:

ce news: 3D model of above- and below-ground infrastructure saves time and money finding assets.

Today I received some pictures I just had to share.





Unearthing buried treasure is alive in the lab.


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