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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iConstruct 2013 for BIM/Navisworks 2013

iConstruct 2013
The exciting new features in iConstruct 2013 offer major benefits to operations and BIM workflows for all industries. With support for Navisworks 2013, iConstruct delivers increased efficiency, ease of use and quick results.
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New major features


An innovative and powerful new tool providing the flexibility to reorganize the structure of models to suit specific requirements or project standards, regardless of the design package used. Can help provide a cleaner display of data from some of the common industry exchange formats like IFC and PDMS. Allows users to select a property by which to group by and export a restructured nwd file. This option can ignore hidden geometry and create ‘crops’ of models, or merge the contents of groups to reduce the number of objects in the model. ReConstruct enhances iConstructs benefits for deliverables in any BIM project.


Effectively manage review sessions within and across project teams within one centralized location. Allows multiple users to simultaneously share a Navisworks model's viewpoints hierarchy and comments from remote sites across the internet via a data source. Instantly update viewpoints with redline markups, comments and as many custom fields as needed.
Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity

A new tool allows an accurate Center of Gravity to be calculated and displayed in the model. Results can then be used for dimensioning using Navisworks redline markup tools and for producing reports via iConstruct's Export View Report tool. Given accurate geometry and nominating a mass property, this routine calculates the center of gravity for estimation purposes prior to site work, improving efficiencies and safety onsite.
Clash Results Manager

Clash Results Manager

Complementing Navisworks Clash Detective, this tool improves the efficiency of managing clash results, through isolatation of clashes in particular sections of a model by clash status or level. It can save many man hours by prioritizing clashes by count, so objects with the highest clash counts can be investigated first. Communication to project teams on clash information can be exported to Excel or efficiently managed through ReviewTRACK.
Revit Data Switchback

Revit Data Switchback

Enable bi-directional data exchange with your Revit models by syncing properties added in Navisworks with iConstruct back into the native Revit model. This provides a vaulable tool to subcontractors or other 3rd parties who use Navisworks to track and add additional data, such as notes from site, hold notifications and clash management. It also allows the import of this data back into Revit, keeping the design model up-to-date with as-built information.
iConstruct is an intuitive and adaptive BIM solution that can be deployed rapidly to increase efficiency in BIM workflows
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Ideate, Inc. is a leading Autodesk solutions provider, offering quality software, training, support, custom consulting and 3D printing services to AEC professionals. Established in 1992 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ideate is recognized as a Gold Partner for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, one of Autodesk’s highest levels of authorization.

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