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Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving at the Speed of Business: Introducing Box Accelerator - BIM's best friend

There are way too many cloud storage and syncing companies out there in the ether. While I love Sugarsync for my personal use, we use Box at ACAI Associates, Inc.  It works great, I like the collaborative nature of it's syncing and it fits in well with our workflow.

What no one likes is how long it takes to upload files that are a couple of hundred megabytes. So, it is great to see that Box has found a way to speed the upload process. 

As you'll see with the product updates coming at BoxWorks in just a few weeks, our mission at Box is to fundamentally change the way people work – we're constantly seeking new ways to improve the efficiency of everyday tasks. A big part of this is making sure every experience is clean, simple and fast for our users around the world.

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Box Accelerator™, an enterprise-grade global data transfer network that gives our business and enterprise customers up to a 10X boost in upload speeds. A combination of new infrastructure in nine locations throughout the world and innovative network intelligence software, Box Accelerator delivers performance enhancements and a better user experience – with all the trusted security and reliability you love about Box.

International users near one of the new network endpoints, whether they're in sight of the new Box office in London or just getting things done in Sydney, should see the biggest speed increases when uploading content to Box. Located here in the US? Not to worry – we've also placed Box Accelerator locations in the Northwest, Midwest and on the East Coast so nearly everyone will experience quicker file uploads.

 With Box Accelerator, we're able to give our customers the fastest way to get their content to the cloud. What can 10X faster uploads mean to a business? Look at it this way: instead of waiting one hour for a several-hundred MB file to post, 10X faster means you get it done in under 6 minutes. And you don't need to take our word for it – neutral, third party testing provider Neustar found that Box had the lowest average upload time across all locations tested, and was 2.7 times faster than the closest competitor globally. 

Start uploading your files to Box and let us know how you like the new speed below or @BoxHQ – and stay tuned for even more ways we'll be changing the way you work when Aaron Levie takes the stage at BoxWorks!


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