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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Navistools Professional - FM Plugin for Navisworks

Here are some great new tools for you...

Use Navisworks as a visual project portal.


Navistools for Navisworks is our add-on solution for asset and plant lifecycle management, construction management and FM (facilities management). Navistools includes our Data Management and Reporter modules running a Navisworks-like graphical user interface built around an SQL database that can be easily integrated with other database applications. 
Navistools provides the means to manage an entire project containing information and documentation into a single manageable resource that can be handed over or transferred between project stakeholders throughout the design, construction, management and lifecycle phases.
Running Navisworks with Navistools provides the functionality to search, link, tag and report on information stored in Navisworks models or BIMs, as well as the ability to add new construction and maintenance data captured on-site
Navisworks with Navistools can be used throughout the fit-out process for QA/QC, progress monitoring, commissioning, inspection and maintenance.
Navisworks with Navistools used as a Field BIM application using the above process facilitates continuation of the BIM process after the design phase for construction, fit-out and then FM. Building and associated information is added to the model during fit-out and subsequently handed over to the operations team.
Navistools is a tool for builders, planners & subcontractors. Information collected in Navistools Data Manager helps define a comprehensive digital model that can be handed over to the project’s owner/operators as a deliverable, thereby allowing our customers to offer extra value to their clients and help them win more business.

Manage Navisworks projects more easily.

You are project coordinator and on a regular basis you encounter the problem that the Navisworks files that are available to the project team aren’t up-to-date. In many cases, one of the project members is made responsible to make sure that the Navisworks models are updated several times a week, which off course can take up a serious amount of time. 
Navistools Publisher for Navisworks enables you to automatically publish your CAD models to the familiar .nwd format. The Publisher is equipped with “AutoDetect” functionality that continuously monitors a designated project folder and detects when a new or modified CAD model appears and publishes it automatically to a specified location. If you prefer to publish on a given date or time, for instance over-night, then Publisher is also the tool for you. Not only is Publisher equipped with AutoDetect, it is also capable through the “Scheduler” functionality to publish on the time and date that you want. Using this functionality means that all your systems and licenses of Autodesk Navisworks stay available and you can delay the publishing action to the non-productive hours of the day. Navistools Publisher also includes the following features:
• If you use Navisworks properties during publishing, then Publisher will use these same properties as well. You can even set the properties for your Navisworks models using the Publisher , it is not necessary to activate Navisworks for that.
• To use Publisher , Navisworks only has to be installed on the system where you want to use the Publisher.  Publisher uses the Navisworks engine in the background, you hardly even notice when it’s running.
• Publisher is delivered with “AutoDetect” and “Scheduler”, there are no seperate licenses required.

Brochure: http://profox.com/pdf/NavistoolsPublisher_brochure.pdf 


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