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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Navisworks Reports & Partly Cloudy

Can someone please explain to me with all of the wonderful cloud features of Autodesk BIM products, why there isn't a cloud service to show clash and viewpoint reports generated from Navisworks.  Why do we have a file with folders with lots of jpgs and no way to easily collaborate with the subcontractors.

Shouldn't this have been the first thing that BIM 360 dealt with?  Do I really care that I can share renderings?  No.  We need to have a solution to deal with design and construction issues for authoring and reviewing tools.  Does this mean we should just get Newforma and Veo instead?  Great.  Now we have to spend more money with more vendors.

For now, we'll just call it Autodesk BIM .360 because our workflow is seriously impaired with this lack of functionality.  


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