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Monday, September 17, 2012

The (sales)people who came before you-Godin

I'm always fascinated and inspired by Seth Godin's daily blog posts.  It amazes me how, even with so few words, he can be discussing any business, company or strategy.  If you don't read his blogs and books, you may want to.

Today's post is about the people who came before you.  I'll aim my laser on Autodesk salespeople today, yesterday and tomorrow.  About a year and a half ago, during yet another Autodesk promotion, I was talking to the almost decision maker at an architecture firm.  I was telling him about Revit and how it increases coordination, accuracy and productivity.  His response was "that's the exact same thing you told me 6 years ago about Architectural Desktop.  I was stopped dead in my tracks.  My only response was "yes, but this time it's true." He laughed and then very quickly, ended the conversation.

Maybe, someday, Autodesk will have industry experts selling their products.  There are more and more, but many are still the same old AutoCAD salespeople repeating the marketing material they've been given.  The problem is that Autodesk has over 80 different products and it's impossible to know them all and discuss them intelligently.

Here's something that Autodesk tells their sales channel.

Our customers rely on us to tell them the value of the Building Design Suites…start telling a different story to our customer.  Help them to work smarter and work better!
If you need help - ASK FOR IT!!

Are you kidding me?  "our customers rely on us to tell them the value" of a product?  Autodesk, when you've gotten rid of the products they've been buying, namely Revit Architecture Suite, there's no reliance, just brute force.  Help us work smarter and better?  Find me a salesperson who knows the workflow of Building Design Suite and one who can actually use any of the products and then, just then, maybe we'll pay attention.

Autodesk, start showing what a small firm can do to afford, learn, implement and coordinate their projects using your products.  The same success stories about the world's largest firms, just don't cut it for the masses.

Don't just change the story, the marketing literature, change the people telling the story to people who have credibility and insight.  Until then, you're just wasting our time and money.

The people who came before you
Seth's Blog
Maybe I'm not listening to your pitch because the 100 people who came before you abused my trust, stole my time and disrespected my attention.
...broke my heart...never irrational....act on memories...


tucker_arch September 17, 2012 at 11:23 AM  

I can tell you Autodesk has a hard time selling to larger firms also. I think what they have figured is they can sell to Owners a product and workflow that has potential, but they forget to tell the owner to get the full extent of benefits they need to change their contracts.

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