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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BIM Adoption Rate???

I posted yesterday about the new McGraw-Hill report about the prevalence of BIM in the AEC industry.  After looking at the numbers, and having been involved with BIM since 2005, that I don't think the numbers are truly reflective of the industry.

Two other blog posts, http://beyondthesilos.blogspot.com/2012/10/counterpoint-slow-bim-adoption.html which says "which argues the benefits of BIM and laments the slow rate of BIM adoption in" and you get to pick your country, state or city. The MH report is from firms surveyed.  It's not a report about every architecture and construction firm in the world.

Then, there's this post from Phil Read, http://www.architecture-tech.com/2012/10/the-future-of-design-leeeeeeroy.html.  One part struck me as very painful.

"I'm just really confused. Nothing makes sense." Christopher confessed. Then he began to elaborate."We're learning to use something called AutoCAD. Do you know what a 'Layer' is? We have to use something called Layers. We have to make layers and then we draw lines. So far we've only drawn floor plans. It's pretty boring and I'm just really confused - none of this makes any sense. I don't think I'd make a very good architect."

Why are schools still teaching AutoCAD instead of Revit and the BIM process?

BIM isn't just about a design tool such as Revit, AutoCAD Architecture, Archicad or any other 3D program.  BIM is about technology, people, workflow and Alix's favorite word, PROCESS.  It's about how we share information.  It's the Information Exchange that's critical.  More information, more information, more decisions, more analysis and more sharing of all of that is what makes whatever you want to call it, better.

I prefer VDC, virtual design and construction as a more accurate depiction of what we're doing.  There are so many pieces of software necessary to implement BIM, that if the schools aren't teaching it, and they're not using it on your city and your consultants or subcontractors aren't on board with it yet, don't get excited about any report.  If you go back, the reports have been saying the same thing for years, yet we still can't find people who know what they're doing yet.

There is just so much to learn, software to implement and new tools coming out every day.  BIM is overwhelming, sometimes it's just easier to stick with what you know with CAD and forget about the whole thing.  For those of us who have pushed forward, made it through our first few non profitable BIM projects, we're now seeing the benefits of BIM and getting more work because of it.

I'd really like to see when BIM is 100% adopted.  I don't think it will be for a very long time, but first things first, the schools need to start teaching it now!


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