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Saturday, October 6, 2012

BIM Archetypes

During a project problem solving meeting today, I decided to harass
our VDC Director. We were working on a modeling project for a
contractor and I recommended that we find out where the project
control points were so we could add them to the Revit site model to
help the field people build off of, since the starting point, Google
earth point, survey point and project North weren't enough of a
problem to begin with.

When our VDC Director questioned the need to do that, I looked at our
BIM Manager and said to him, "don't forget Alix has never been on a
job site and doesn't understand field BIM, he only knows desk BIM.".
As our company's BIM Strategist, I always look for ways to piss off
the VDC Director and have PhD level arguments about BIM, software,
process and politics.

He's all about process and workflow while I'm all about "F... It, lets
try some new way or piece of software. I've never had so much fun at a
job as I do at ACAI. Even the owner of the company can spell BIM, so
we are so much further ahead of other firms. All kidding aside, I've
never worked with such brilliant, passionate and knowledgeable people
then I have over the past 10 months. Ironically, it was exactly one
year ago to the day that I knew I couldn't stand to be at my last job
as a software reseller.

I've always been lucky, but I never imagined how lucky I could truly
be working with Cindy, Adolfo, Alix, David, Raul and all of the other
40 members at my new home.

Normally, most architecture firms seem to be filled with such anger,
stress, futility and errogance. I still haven't fully figured out what
makes ACAI Associates so different, happy and the best place to work
at, but maybe if I can get Cindy to get me an iPad 3G with 64 GB, so I
can donate my iPad 2 to some needy person at our office, I can BIM
happily ever after.

Until then, if you're looking to make a company move and you're a BIM
expert, send me your resume. We are always looking for the best and
happiest BIMMers in the world. Revit experience a must. Navisworks
experience a plus. 3ds Max expertise would be phenomenal Revit MEP
experience would be awesome. Family creation and API programming would
be wow and if you have a clue what COBie is and how to use it, you're a BIM
super hero. Oh, and if you've actually been on a construction job site,
you're magical.


John Prince October 8, 2012 at 12:11 AM  

Way to be progressive, Greg. There's no reason that a project SHOULD NOT be tied to the real world in real coordinates. As a civil engineer, this is one of our biggest frustrations. To make it work is easy, and the benefits when collaborating civil/arch in Navisworks and with other projects are a no-brainer. Why would you not want everything to line up perfectly (besides just internal to the building).

ilyamoto October 11, 2012 at 6:15 AM  

How is 3D Max used in connection with Revit?
I have just graduated and I am looking for ways to develop my CAD knowledge? Where should I invest my time? MEP? 3D Max?

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