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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BIM Deliverables and many questions that I need your advice about #BIM #IFC #AIA #AGC

As usual, this BIM thing is causing problems and technology ripples.  Five us us were standing outside the lunchroom having a very lively (loud) discussion (argument) about BIM deliverables for a project. It was so loud that the one person in the office who is the quietest, non verbal person, came out of his office and told us to get a room.

Here's the dilemma and this discussion is for a public project. 
We have the design, engineering, bidding, construction, fabrication, handover and operation phases of a project.
If the architect and engineers use Revit for design, what should they delivery to the owner for bidding?
RVT, DWG, PDF, DWF, TIF, IFC and/or paper?  Paper and PDF are typically standard for BIM.  
I recommended DWF so bidders could use Design Review to quickly click on objects and get quantities.  
Do we set the bar low or high?  
Does every GC have Revit, Archicad, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Solibri, Design Review, Synchro, Adobe Acrobat or some other estimating program?
What's in the best interest of the owner so they get more accurate bids?
Should we give the Revit model to the bidders that could be changed
Should we give them IFC that could also be altered?
Or, do we just give them read only files for the bidding phase?

Now, what happens after the job is awarded.
Sure, now we can give the GC our Revit model.  Are we or should we be required to give every other file type to them?  Who bears the burden for cost and time to do that.  Remember, it's a public project.  The contractors typically create their own BIM from our 2D plans, so is it a waste or a help to them.

Next, we have the layer of subcontractors and fabricators.  What software do they use?  Is that our problem or the GC's problem?  The GC should make sure their subs use software than makes it easier to do clash detection during the process. Can AutoCAD open IFC models?  

Lastly, we have the final deliverable to the owner.   BIM has mucked things up.  It used to be a DWG (insert any version here) format, paper and maybe PDFs.  Should the GC give the owner an NWD (oh no, you can't mandate a specific software, the world would end) or is IFC the proper format for delivery.  

Is there anything wrong with a public entity requiring Revit or Navisworks.  If you listen to the Archicad sales guy, he'll tell you how Archicad had lighter files, is so much better at IFC than Revit and how it can be the aggregator and clash detection tool.

Does anyone have any insight into Archicad being used by contractors in lieu of Navisworks?  What does it do better? What is it missing?  What free IFC viewers are out there?  I know Solibri has one.  Revit can import IFC, but I don't know what happens when you're using the free Revit viewer.  

What is best for an owner to view the finished project and potentially pick an FM solution?  Do we follow what the GSA or BSA recommends?  I wonder what Autodesk says about FM and COBie deliverables when they want to have everyone use their products.

Are any US General Contractors using Archicad for clash detection, coordination, scheduling and visualization?  I remember several years ago, Tocci considering it in one of Laura Handler's blog posts.  

If you look at the much used BIM powerpoint slide showing the hand off of data from one phase to another, what software, process, workflow and deliverable facilitate that efficiency? What software vendor is furthest ahead with that?  I know enough to be dangerous in conversation, but when it comes to other design software vendors (Archicad), I don't know enough to determine what is real, useable and easiest for the construction process.  Remember, this post is about what happens after design, not a comparison of the design tools, Revit Server vs BIM Server and OpenBIM.  

Arghhhhh!!!!!  Send an email to revit3d+IFC@gmail.com or make an anonymous blog comment here please.  I'm looking for guidance from anyone who has some guidance.  If you want to discuss public vs private in regards to any or all of the above, that's fine, but the public entities are more relevant here.  That being said, we're going to a BIM event on Friday where the Archicad salesman is going to try to tell everyone how great Archicad is for construction and clash detection.


Anonymous,  October 18, 2012 at 5:07 PM  

Great article. What about this 3d pdf format? Was searching bim forums and was directed to this 3da page --- www.3dasystems.com, some good stuff on there!


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