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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BIM Diary - Lazy

Dear BIM Diary,
I'm still tired from yesterday's plea for new technology (iPad 4) with my wife, so today when Bryan asked me to come upstairs and give him a quick getting started guide on Evernote, I didn't feel like getting up.

So, I did what any lazy, good for something, collaborative technologist would do.  I told him to go to http://join.me, click 'Basic'
 then click the orange play icon
Within 15 seconds, he was logged in

and gave me the code for me to log in and instantly see his screen .
We then went through my tutorial and I was able to watch what he was doing on his computer.
The nice part for your boss is that there's no travel time, thus saving time and money.  I didn't have to use the elevator, so I saved electricity.  I didn't have to go upstairs, hover over his shoulder and disturb anyone else concentrating on their work.

Best of all, join.me is free and works great for people working internal or with outside consultants or clients.

There is a paid version with more features and it's only $149/year or $19/month for things like presenter swapping, scheduling meetings, locked meetings or shared windows (vs whole screen).

You can even join a meeting on your iPad, iPhone or Droid device for free so you can work from the field with those desk BIMmers out there.  So, my dear BIM Diary, I felt great being able to collaborate more efficiently and I'm even happier that more people are using Evernote at ACAI.  

Maybe I'll even mention all of this to Cindy and she'll give it a corporate blessing.  I bet if I tell her it's a lot cheaper than the $50/month we're paying for a single GoToMeeting, we could get 3 join.me accounts instead and I'll be her favorite BIM visionary.  One can only dream.  

                      The blog post is over


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