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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Great Book: Creating Custom Revit Architecture Families - Michael Anonuevo

Yesterday, I ordered Michael Anonuevo's eBook on creating Revit families.  Just by browsing through some of the sections, I've already learned some great tips.
Wow, it's 333 MB and there are thousands of pages and materials for only $19.95.

Not only that, it includes Metric and Imperial and versions for Revit 2012 and 2013.
That's an amazing deal.  The 2012 version is 711 pages and the 2013 version is 735 pages.
I wish I knew how he managed to put together so much information.

I've always been in awe of the Revit content that Michael creates and if you look below at the pictures, you'll learn how to make the same.  My favorite chapter in the book is about deconstructing Revit content.  What a great idea to see how to plan out building components.
Every Revit using firm should have a copy of this book!!!!!

Please invest in the book and Michael will create more great books for Revit users.

Revit Families and 3D Models by LDC

Revit Family Bundles

Revit eBook: Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2012 Families$19.95
Click here for additional details.
Revit Family Bundle-10: Alto Saxophone$50.00
Click here for additional details.
Revit Family Bundle-9: Bass Gear$30.00
Click here for additional details.
Revit Family Bundle-8: Drums Set$32.00
Click here for additional details.
Revit Family Bundle-7: Guitar Gear$29.00
Click here for additional details.
Revit Family Bundle-6: Keyboard Gear$27.00
Revit Family Bundle-5: Pool Table Set and Accessories$30.00
Click here for additional details
Revit Family Bundle-4: Kitchen and Dining Accessories-2$61.50
Click on image for more info
Revit Family Bundle-3: Casino Furniture & Equipment-2$108.00
Revit Family Bundle-2: Casino Furniture & Equipment$129.75
Revit Family Bundle-1: Kitchen and Dining Accessories$67.50


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