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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mitek MXF Plugin and Software for Revit and Home Builders

MiTek is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art engineered products and services for the building components industry.  They have some amazing software for home builders and truss manufacturers.  Now they even have a plugin for Revit to take a model and bring it directly into their Sapphire truss and panel designing software.

This makes Revit a great tool for home builders.  

Source/Link: MXF Plugin - http://www.mitek-us.com/software/SAPPHIRE_Plugin.aspx

MXF Plugin

  • Welcome to the download site for MiTek’s MXF file format plug-ins.
    MiTek exchange file (.mxf) file format is designed by MiTek Industries specifically for the residential construction industry.  The plug-in enables users of AutoCAD® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Structure, or Cadsoft™ Envisioneer™ to export an mxf formatted file to the MiTek component manufacturer. The manufacturer’s truss and wall panel designers can then import the file into MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ Structure software.  With the preserved true dimensional fidelity, the designers can then complete the 3D structural building model and production drawings for the pre-fabricated structural components of the home.

    The component manufacturer can then return a file with the 3D model for your review and approval, using the SAPPHIRE Viewer, designed to enhance the review and approval process in home design and estimating.  By allowing you to view the structural framing details in 3-D residential models created by the MiTek component manufacturer, you will be able to view sections and framing details with more precision and clarity than ever before.

    SAPPHIRE Suite

    • Our industry is changing, and your builder customers are demanding more value, greater efficiency, and better communication. Plus, they also want lower costs, faster turnaround, and shorter lead times. MiTek is here to help with our new integrated software suite,SAPPHIRE™.
      SAPPHIRE is designed to let you agilely manage your operations while also strengthening your customer relationships. It lets you share files with your customers to help you design, estimate, and build accurately from a single, 3-D model – optimizing the structure while improving speed, efficiency and the bottom line for both you and your customers.
      • Is built on a true 3-D platform.
      • Improves communication between your team and your customers by sharing 3-D files.
      • Unifies your database of materials and reporting to optimize business processes.
      • Is configurable and expandable to fit your unique business needs.
      Wireframe illustration created using SAPPHIRE Structure. 

      SAPPHIRE Viewer

      • SAPPHIRE Viewer is a new tool for you to share with your customers to view your 3-D models and collaborate with you, provided at no cost.
        You can download Viewer and selectively invite your customers to download Viewer too. 

        With SAPPHIRE Viewer, your customers can:
        • Quickly review SAPPHIRE Structure models in Plan and 3-D views using zoom and pan.
        • View elevation drawings.
        • Isolate items to view in the model such as a particular level or layer.
        • Print layout sheets.
        • Print plan, 3-D, and elevation views.

        Click below to watch a video demonstrating the Viewer functionality. 


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Gieza October 29, 2012 at 12:01 PM  

It would be even better if they had a tool to bring it back into revit, currently the process involves going to .DWG and is not always a smooth one.

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