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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More IFC Sport ~ BIM Diary

Dear BIM Diary,
Today I had a little more luck working with IFC and Revit. I tried a
different model to export to IFC and import and it seemed to work. I
then asked Dave where he got the Revit plugin from Archicad which
supposedly exports IFC better. I was embarrassed when he told me he
got the link from a blog post of mine. I must make a mental note to
read my own blog, or at least try to remember every single thing I've
posted. I will post the download link here,
so others can try it for themselves.

Also, I tried to import the IFC export into Solibri's free viewer,
http://www.solibri.com/solibri-model-viewer.html, which I thought was
cool because the had Mac and Windows versions. I now need to compare
the original model to the IFC imports. At least everything was in the
proper place. Just for fun, I opened the IFC file in Notepad. There
were thousands of line items which bored me after 7 or 8 pages.

Tonight I went to our monthly BIM & Beer event. BIM is making me fat.
Between our monthly BuildingSmart Alliance BIM and Bagels events,
fresh popcorn every day at the office, and now, BIM & Beer, I need a
low cal software. All of these carbs are making me sluggish. I must
remind myself to thank Cindy for her investment in BIM and Baglels,
but convince her to part with a little more budget money so we can
actually eat while drinking the BIM Beer. I think we need a BIM and
Burgers event for around lunchtime. Every time we have a lunch and
learn, I always make sure to assault the presenter and ask them if
they're products are Revit ready. That seems to make the lunch more

Anonymous Rob was very funny tonight. I loved his stories about the
subcontractors on his projects that have no clue what they're supposed
to do with the BIM requirements on the projects and their attitude
about not being part of the process. Alix, David and I engaged in
sport earlier today by transporting an oblong, brown, leather covered
and air filled sack by transferring the object laterally to each other
by merely directing our hands towards one of the others. I have
retained the oblong sack and shall bequeath it to my offspring so that
he may become educated on this sport.

We added a civil engineer to our BIM & Beer group. He took very
kindly to the Dirt Information Modeling (DIM) moniker and hopefully,
very soon, he will be providing us with point clouds, intelligent
models and surveyor point files, which we can use with Revit. It's so
nice when a consultant responds positively to us telling them that all
future work requires BIM deliverables and they actually and
proactively make the investment in this new BIM world.

Well, it's time to go to bed and dream of binders filled with BIM.


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