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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Putting the pieces back together - BIM Glue

I'm happy to report that within an hour of my blog post yesterday about BIM Glue, I received an email from the cofounder and CEO of Horizontal (the creators of Glue).  We are well on our way to getting our Glue licenses so I am thankful that my slightly unorthodox method of getting someone to initiate the sale worked.

What amazed me even more was that he was up in New York in the middle of the hurricane.  That really impressed me and I am thankful that we are out of this sticky situation.  In regard to the product itself, BIM Glue is amazing for one reason.  You can quickly jump from room to room, by room name, see a 3D view and by holding a button on the iPad screen, you can physically turn in a circle and it's as if you're rotating around the room.  I am so impressed with the speed of loading files and changing views, that Glue seems to be the best 3D viewer for the iPad I've found to date.  We haven't even touched the web based collaboration and clash tools yet.

I'll keep you posted and again, my thanks to whoever at Autodesk saw my subtle request yesterday and acted so promptly.  You've made me happy again.

For those of you interested, BIM Glue is $150/month/person or $1500/year/person for an annual contract.  Whether it's for presentations or field BIM, this is one great investment.


architeach October 31, 2012 at 10:12 AM  

Thanks for your post yesterday and today. We have had the same problem with getting any information out of Autodesk on setting up Glue. Multiple inquires and still no information. Guess I need to start a blog to get some kind of response.

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