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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Announcing ACAI Technologies, Inc. (A new BIM Technology Leader)

In the last week, a number of things have occurred in my work life that I will be talking about in other posts. The most incredible one is below. A year ago, when the opportunity presented itself for me to join ACAI Associates, Inc., I never anticipated exactly where that journey would take me. I knew very early on that I had the best job in the world and was working with an amazing team of people. Specifically, working with Cindy Baldwin and Alix Loiseau has been the most inspirational experience to me and I am so proud to be a vital part of this new company. 

My title is currently BIM Visionary. In the past 31 years, having been a general contractor, Autodesk reseller, computer consultant and BIM consultant, having worked for GCs and subcontractors in various positions and having presided over several businesses, I swear it was all an accident to be sitting here today writing this and issuing a press release through a blog I started in 2007 because of a passion of mine for technology and efficiency. 

Is there anything really visionary about BIM? It is such an obviously better way to design and construct buildings that I love that I get to spend every waking minute finding more ways to expand how our company can leapfrog over our competition.

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I feel guilty about my job and role at ACAI.  Why?  Because it feels too easy and doesn't feel like a real job. From the time I was 16 years old and from the first day I touched a computer, it just always felt so easy to engage in technology and use it as an incredible tool no matter what position I held in a company. What I love most about ACAI is the brilliance of Cindy, Adolfo and Alix to appreciate my passion for BIM and allow me to be creative in the most unfiltered and creative environment. So, I get to play every day, come up with new ideas, tinker with new and cutting edge technologies, invent new tools and plugins and I leave it up to Cindy and Alix to funnel all of that into a company that is filled with joy, integrity, imagination, hard work and drive. 

For an architecture firm to have doubled in size over the past year and to be working on some of the best BIM projects in South Florida, I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to now have a new technology arm in which to bring our talents and technologies to the rest of the world. 

Next up is our teaching 4 classes at Autodesk University and we will also have a booth in the exhibit hall for our new company. I couldn't be prouder to share all of this with you and I can't wait to see what the future brings our way. As we step everyday into the great BIM unknown, it's nice to take that journey together with my company and with you. 


A nationally-ranked architectural firm and emerging National leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM), ACAI Associates, Inc is proud to announce the following promotions and introduce ACAI Technologies, Inc.  Cindy Baldwin has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with ACAI Associates, Inc., and was also named President of ACAI Technologies, Inc., a new company that specializes in emerging technologies and BIM / VDC implementations  for the built environment.   

Cindy joined ACAI over nine years ago as a marketing representative and has held the title of Director of Marketing and Director of Operations. In her new position as Executive Vice President and COO, Cindy is responsible for the development, operations, and improvement of the firm's services while ensuring that the business operations are both efficient and effective. 

Also promoted is Alix Loiseau, who has been named Associate Principal with ACAI Associates, Inc. and is the new Vice-President of ACAI Technologies, Inc.  

Alix joined ACAI four years ago as a Cadd Technician and has held the title of Director of Virtual Design and Construction. In his new position Alix will be responsible for researching and developing new technical products while creating new service lines for the contractor and subcontractor markets serving to bridge the gap between new technologies and real-world business practices. 

"I am extremely proud of Cindy and Alix's performance and excellent record of client relations, problem resolution and forward thinking which I feel has attributed to ACAI's growth and success" said Adolfo J. Cotilla, CEO of ACAI Associates and ACAI Technologies, Inc.  "As founders of the local non-profit, buildingSMART alliance Interest Group, Cindy and Alix have been exemplary in their abilities as respected leaders and pioneers, both locally and nationally, and for their BIM education and outreach for the industry as a whole."  

About ACAI Associates, Inc.
An award-winning, full-service architecture firm in Florida for over 27 years, with offices in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, ACAI is a leading multi-discipline business offering planning, programming, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, LEED, BIM, ADA and roofing consulting, and construction management services.

Founded in 1985, ACAI's project-tested architects, engineers and construction professionals consistently deliver innovative, functional, sustainable and cost-effective design solutions.  A minority-business enterprise, ACAI has built a longstanding reputation for excellence in the planning and design of universities, schools, local and state government buildings, hospitals, industrial, commercial and private and public facilities.

About ACAI Technologies, Inc.
ACAI Technologies originally started as an internal BIM support group for ACAI Associates, a full-service architecture and construction management firm. The group's mission was to provide services and support to ACAI's architects, contractors and clients and was responsible for ACAI BIM implementation and development of standards. As ACAI embraced Building Information Modeling and became more proficient in implementing the new technology, the firm began demanding BIM as a requirement of its teaming partners.  As a by product, ACAI Technologies was tasked with helping and educating consultants, contractors and clients with their own BIM implementations and project work-flow processes.  Word of their BIM services and expertise spread quickly, and ACAI Technologies, Inc. was born. 

More than software experts, ACAI Technologies, Inc. prides itself on being business and BIM-process professionals who understand how BIM works in theory and real-world practice. Their experienced staff members are all trained in the latest software and hold bachelor degrees or licenses in the design and construction industry and includes architects, engineers, general contractors and VDC modelers. The teams create more sophisticated, professional models and work together to identify and resolve clashes, conflicts and design problems in a virtual atmosphere resulting in a more efficient way of delivery while minimizing delays and reducing total project costs.


For more information, please contact: 

Sandra Smerkers - Director of Operations
Phone: 954-484-4000


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