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Friday, November 16, 2012

Autodesk BIM Glue happy updates

All I can say is wow.  Lucky for me, my recent blog post about not getting Glue sales support got me a successful ending.  Not only did I get contacted in the middle of Hurricane Sandy by the CEO of Glue, we actually got our purchase completed very quickly. So now, we have Glue in our company. Thank you Cindy for making this investment.  You're the best BIM boss in the whole world.

We're still playing with it and going through the clash detection module, but I don't even care about that.  What I'm in awe of is the iPad app.  When you're in Revit, you can click a button and upload the model to the Glue site.  It sends it as a 3D DWF so it's super fast.  Once it's uploaded, you have instant access to the model.  It's easy to create rooms in Glue, so when you're on the iPad, you can go to the room/view list and in milliseconds, jump to any room or view.

Walking through the building is super fast and you can set up the model so you can isolate things like seeing only structural and MEP.  There's even a button you can hold on the screen, and as you hold it and turn the ipad around, it moves the model so it's like you have xray vision.

I've tried just about every iPad BIM viewer and this is the one.  The models load really fast and that makes a huge difference.  I like Buzzsaw because you can load native Revit and Navisworks models, but it takes forever to upload and then Buzzsaw has to convert the model views and that can take an hour.

They keep improving the BIM Glue iPad app, and that's what I'm writing about today.  They've added a measuring tool and it's easier than ever to tap on an object and get all of it's metadata.
I'd like Glue to bring in all of the views from Revit and bring in the sheets, so I'm hoping that will be coming soon.  In the meantime, this is the best tool I've ever seen for showing a client their project and great for field visualization.  Even IBM Maximo, the FM program, has integrated Glue into their product for facility management purposes.

Another wow.  I just noticed that at the bottom of the iPad app, there's a third icon which is the views icon. That makes it much easier to jump from room to room.  Awesome!!!!

You can download the app for free and there are four samples included so you can play with this forever.  I've yet to have it crash either or run out of memory which was a problem with Buzzsaw and Autodesk 360 (Design Review).  Autodesk 360 does let you make comments and share comments and share the model online, so I'll be expecting that in the iPad app for Glue soon.

In the meantime, this app is easy enough for a principal to use and you should definitely look into it.  It's $150/month, but well worth it.  Everyone I've shown it to is very impressed.

Autodesk 360 does have great sharing features and you can see all of the comments made by people.  If we could link Autodesk 360 functionality with Glue, I'd be so happy.  Of course, since Autodesk 360 is free and Glue has a fee, I'm wondering how that would work out where everybody wins.

Autodesk® BIM 360 Glue
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  • Free App


    The Autodesk® BIM 360™ Glue mobile app enables BIM 360 Glue users to more securely access Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects from anywhere, at any time. Building, infrastructure, design, and construction professionals can access and intuitively explore multi-disciplinary models online or offline, access all saved views, review intelligent object properties, and take simple measurements.

    Easy access to up-to-date, multi-discipline BIM 360 Glue projects
    •“One-click to BIM” access from email notifications to a precise model view
    •Navigate through saved views, measure distances, and access intelligent object properties
    •Secure, authenticated, anywhere access to BIM 360 Glue projects

    Intuitive exploration of multi-discipline BIM projects in the field
    •Navigate using intuitive gesture-based pan, zoom and orbit
    •Walk through the model with gravity-assisted navigation optimized for BIM
    •View project model details with immersive, gyroscope-enabled look-around

    Integrated with your BIM ecosystem
    •Coordinate over 50 design file formats in BIM 360 Glue for mobile access
    •Publish Navisworks models to BIM 360 Glue for access in the field
    •Access large project models and data—online or offline

    Autodesk BIM 360 Glue mobile app is licensed under the following License and Services Agreement. Your download and/or use of the Autodesk BIM 360 Glue mobile app shall serve as your acknowledgement to the terms of this License and Services Agreement with respect to your use of the Autodesk BIM 360 Glue mobile app.

    Requirements: Compatible with iPad 2 or later. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    What's New in Version 1.1

    • Measure distances with a simple measurement tool (measurements can be set to metric or imperial units)
    • View brighter images with improved rendering graphics
    • Get easy access to help from any screen
    • Open Navisworks models using “Open In” from apps that support that feature by signing in with your Autodesk I

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iPad Screenshot 3
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